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The influence of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Many skeptics arose over online counselling and its effectiveness compared to traditional counselling. Social distancing and travel restrictions due to Covid 19 convinced them otherwise of the additional benefits of online therapy, including better convenience, availability and rapport. Clients can have access to therapeutic help from the comfort of their own home, find a suitable therapist regardless of location, and be provided immediate assistance if necessary. The virtual space also creates a psychological distance that makes therapy sessions less intimidating, enabling clients to talk more freely. Learn more about cognitive behaviour therapy and psychodynamic theory.

New Partnerships

The Therapy Platform partnered with Enterprise Sports Group, a leading wellness marketing agency in Singapore, to provide mental health support in lieu with World Mental Health Day. Our founder, Ms Sarah Poh, is also a invited guest speaker for “A Holding Space”, a campaign to promote greater awareness on sexual abuse. This campaign is organized by the Whitehatters and Casa Raudha.  

Media and News Updates

Our founder Ms Sarah Poh was interviewed by journalist Ms Lee Siew Hua in her article titled ‘Is my anxiety normal?’: How Covid-19 May Affect Mental Health. In addition, she has been interviewed on Wellnessible podcast and The Melting Pot podcast. 

Starting from August, we have released the live talk series CONNECTING THE DOTS! which explores the common psychological and mental health concepts faced in people’s daily lives. You can access all our video recording on our facebook page

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Looking forward to 2021

The next year will be intriguing for The Therapy Platform as a new website is soon to be launched, merging Bettermood.Asia and into one. Look out for improved user interface and features! Don’t forget to sign up for the Christmas Welcome Gift for New Users! If you have already used our services before, you may still gift the 20% discounted voucher to someone you know.

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