Mental Health Continuum Short Form (MHC-SF)

The MHC-SF is a scale measuring emotional wellbeing. The MHC-SF has been translated in various languages and has been evaluated psychometrically.

The scale is relatively short, with 14 items. The scale was developed by Corey L. Keyes.

All questions start with ‘During the PAST MONTH‘…..

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During the PAST MONTH, how often did you feel happy?

2 / 14

interested in life?

3 / 14

satisfied with life?

4 / 14

that you had something important to contribute to society?

5 / 14

that you belonged to a community (like a social group, or your neighborhood)?

6 / 14

that our society is becoming a better place for people like you?

7 / 14

that people are basically good?

8 / 14

that the way our society works makes sense to you?

9 / 14

that you liked most parts of your personality?

10 / 14

good at managing the responsibilities of your daily life?

11 / 14

that you had warm and trusting relationships with others?

12 / 14

that you had experiences that challenged you to grow and become a better person?

13 / 14

confident to think or express your own ideas and opinions?

14 / 14

that your life has a sense of direction or meaning to it?

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