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Have you ever played a game that reveals a point of view about yourself, your feelings and your life situation? Have you played this game in the presence of others who also offer their insights and share their life experiences with you?

Welcome to Points Of You (POY), the global game of connection, communication and creativity that has delighted 1 million fans worldwide. POY was created by two professional Executive Coaches Yaron Golan and Efrat Shani in Israel more than 10 years ago. They developed a fun and interactive coaching game that uses the powerful language of photos, music and storytelling to inspire and provoke the mind and stimulate healthy conversations.  

POY’s tool, The Coaching Game is now used in team building and group coaching workshops in more than 150 countries worldwide. The game is a refreshing alternative to traditional coaching and training processes which tend to be logical and fact based.  

POY uses music and metaphors to encourage creative and intuitive ‘right brain’ thinking. It takes place in an environment of calm, inclusivity and non-judgement. Participants are asked to randomly pick a photo from a deck of 65 colourful photo cards. Letting that photo ‘speak’ to them, they are encouraged to explore their feelings and life experiences with each other.  Photo cards are exchanged, interpreted and re-interpreted – offering more insights and multiple points of view from different players. 

Said Lynn, a participant at a POY workshop co-organised by TheTherapy.co in February, “The insights I got from this session about the challenges that I’m facing were amazingly accurate. It was good to share and talk about them!”

Next month, we will use The Coaching Game to help you widen your social network and form new friendships and connections. Sign up for Points Of You Getting To Know Me, Getting To Know You workshop in April.  Details below:


Make new friends and expand your social network at this workshop!

Date:      Friday 24 April 6.30pm – 10.00pm

Venue:    TBC

Cost:       TBC

Don’t stay home alone staring at four walls! Express your interest here!

Important update: Due to Covid 19, this event has been cancelled.  

Find new friends and develop deeper connections and potential partnerships. Enjoy genuine interactions and mental stimulation by playing the phenomenal global coaching game Points Of You.

Points Of You uses the powerful language of today’s world – the language of photos that inspires and provokes the mind. Using photos to create meaningful conversations between individuals, you will not only view life from different points of view but discover common interests and concerns. A great starting point for any personal or business relationship! 

Tickets to this exclusive and intimate workshop are limited, awarded on a first come first served basis. Sign up for this unique workshop by 20 April 2020 to reserve your place now!

I am a certified psychotherapist, life and career coach with nearly 4 years of experience. I help individuals develop clarity and self awareness in matters pertaining to their life, money and work. I am passionate about supporting my clients as they take steps towards change after experiencing personal and professional losses. Using a combination of talk therapies – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Solutions Focused Brief Therapy, as well as Positive Psychology Coaching and art therapy using Points-of-You photo cards; I help them navigate their life transitions and rewrite the next chapter of their lives with confidence.




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