Why Psychotherapy Enhances Your Well-being and How to Get It

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Have you been emotionally hurt before? Feeling sad, frustrated, not having a sense of direction in life? Or not feeling motivated or feeling socially uncomfortable? Let me tell you this, your feelings matter. It is the gateway to build connections and understanding about yourselves and the world around you.

Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m the founder of The Therapy Platform. I’m so glad you are here and watching this. Whether you are looking for emotional empowerment, self-growth, or better relationship at work and with family, you have come to the right place.

Feeling is neither right nor wrong. Feeling is a source of information telling us what is okay or not okay with us and around us through sensory experience. Do you recall having body sensation when someone says something of importance to you? That sensory experience is a quick way to inform you whether you are okay or not okay with what is being said. From there, you either react or response based on your perceived urgency. All of these occur in a fraction of a second.

You may wonder, how is it that we can feel immediately about everything in a fraction of a second? The answer is, as human being, we have an excellent storage of information in our brain. We are constantly storing relevant information, especially emotional information. We remember how we feel best. We use years of accumulation of emotional information to inform the present and anticipate the future. Plus, the retrieval of emotional information is the fastest compared to the retrieval of other information in our brain.

So now, the important question is this: if all that we are feeling is a repeat of how we feel in the past, can we ever feel differently in the future? The answer is, yes you can. How you feel in the present about your past will pave the way to how you feel in the future.

Psychotherapy, or therapy in short, is a process of working through your present feeling which are to a large extent, shaped by your past experiences. Psychotherapist do not tell you what to feel or what to think. Rather, psychotherapist enables a safe and conducive environment through attentive listening and attunement to your feeling, to inspire new thinking and feeling, to open space for transformation through various evidence-based psychological techniques such as EMDR, brainspotting, mindfulness practice and many more.

I understand starting a therapy journey can be daunting. Nevertheless, having the support of a therapist can be one of the best investments for yourself. Imagine having a keen listening ear in picking up psychological patterns that has hindered your psychological and relational development. Imagine having someone to support you towards breakthroughs in personal barriers and attain greater sense of well-being. That will be life-changing.

To assist you in finding a therapist with a right fit for you, register to have one of our therapy specialists to call back at absolutely no cost to you. Also, we are offering 50% refund to your first session if you wish to change therapist. Simply book another session within 7 calendar days after your first session and we will process the refund to you right away.

At The Therapy Platform, we are committed to bring success in your therapy experience. Begin your emotional healing journey now.

Sarah has worked with many on Developmental and Complex Trauma and is especially knowledgeable and experienced in depth psychology. People who are interested to find out the unconscious underpinning of their behaviour and relationships can look to Sarah in assisting them to achieve greater personal freedom and empowerment when unconscious material is gently understood in its proper context (both in the past and in the present).


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